A community cannot survive without a solid system of institution. Institution-building is the milestone of progress and human development. Unfortunately, Hong Kong is moving backward. As demonstrated by Li Fei’s proud proclamation that “his words carries enormous weight (as if it is the law)” , Beijing clearly ignores Hong Kong laws and even the Basic Law in the advancement of their political agenda.As apparent from recent events, the citizens are forced to tolerate the newly appointed Secretary of Justice’s illegal acts and unauthorized building works. The HK Government scrutinizes political views based on ‘political taboos’, in clear contravention of human rights. The HK Government would by all means (and at all costs) disqualify Agnes Chow and other legitimate candidates in running for elections. Hong Kong, in my humble opinion, should be a place where the law limits the government’s power; system and justice should be practiced and respected.

All men are equal and their human rights and liberty are protected before the law. The beauty of our city rests not on skyscrapers or millionaires, but on her own citizens, working hard to the best of their abilities, in a fair and just system.

Genuine Rule of Law is not determined by the Beijing authorities. If the institution is corrupted and collapses, every citizen, regardless of his or her political views, would be a loser. In a sinking boat, all is lost. “One Country Two Systems” emphasises on the separation, rather than the concentration, of powers. It thrives on diversity, not monopoly. In this battle of rule of law against rule of man, I call for your support. We must protect the rule of law in order to safeguard the interests of all of us and for justice.

“Fight for our city and be responsible for our generation.” I pledge to serve this city against authoritarian rule and to protect Hong Kong from it. I fight for our generation and those to come. I urge you to do the same.

I am Au Nok-hin, the only recommended candidate by the democratic camp for the 2018 LegCo By-election for Hong Kong Island. On 11 March, please speak your voice with your vote. Against rule by man! Defend justice!